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Artiga de Lin- Uelhs deth Joeu

Uelhs deth Joeu | Plan dera artiga | Refuge dera Artiga de Lin | Uelhs deth Joeu

The Artiga de Lin valley is one of the most beautiful places that can be easily accessed in the Val d'Aran. Entering the valley you can see a rich vegatation and an endless number of ravines that generously pour their waters into the Joeu River. The “Hònt deth Gresilhon” invites you to stop and refresh. This tour links the exceptional upwelling of the “Uelhs deth Joeu” and the Artiga de Lin; an extension of meadows that continue to serve as pasture for livestock, delimited by beech and fir forests that, due to their color, reach their highest peak in autumn and crowned by lofty peaks: the Serra des Neres, the mythical Malh des Pois or Forcanada; redoubt of chamois, the Malh dera Artiga; Navel of the valley and the Tuca Blanca de Pomèro, which closes this circus of impressive beauty. The diversity of plants, flowers and fruits, which vary according to the season, make the walk more exquisite.

Detailed tour:

It is accessed from es Bordes, by a paved track that, however, is closed in the winter months due to avalanches that fall each year in the snow season.

The tour begins in the parking lot of the Uelhs deth Joeu. Along a wide path you reach the spectacular waterfall of the Uelhs deth Joeu. You cross the metal bridge and climb a path with log steps in the middle of the fir forest and you have to gain height quickly, then becoming a more defined path. After passing the stone portal that gives entrance to the Plan dera Artiga de Lin. The first river that crosses the wide track is the Barranc des Puis. This track reaches the Refugi dera Artiga de Lin, the foot of the Còth deth Hòro, a hill of exceptional beauty. Here is the other parking access, in case of not doing the circular itinerary. The paved track will return us gently to the starting point of the route.

From the balcony protected with railing and the high stones in front of the waterfall, we will be able to take magnificent photographs of this multi-jet waterfall, whose glacial and thawing waters have more or less volume depending on the time of year, being especially spectacular during the two months of thawing, between April and May. At the entrance to Ojos del Diablo there is a space enabled to park the vehicle, and along the paved track there is a nice 'picnic area' with barbecues and tables on the banks of the Joel river, in addition to a shelter-brasserie


At the foot of the Aneto glacier is the Forau d'Aigualluts, a sink that through a karst system collects the fusion waters taking them underground to the Artiga de Lin where they see the light again as Uelhs deth Joeu, eyes of jupiter according to experts . In 1931, the Pyrenean scientist-Norbert Casteret, after pouring 60kg of fluorescein (harmless dye) in the Forau d'Aigualluts, was able to demonstrate the origin of the water he suggests in the Uelhs deth Joeu after traveling more than 4 kilometers underground.

Technical data

Difficulty: easy

Type: Hiking

Length: 2.5 km

Time: 1h

Difference in altitude : 90m

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