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Bassa d'Oles - Montcorbisón

La Bassa d'Oles is a corner of great beauty within walking distance of Vielha. Ideal place to spend the day with family that will delight young and old. The proposed itinerary is a tour around the lake, surrounded by a forest of spruce and red pine, juniper and bilberry are also abundant. It is used to having enough fauna, it is easy to discover its traces. It is not strange to see a roe deer if it gets up early. The access track passes through the famous Bòsc de Baricauba. This track also leads to the Artiga de Lin, passing through the Plan Batalher and the Guardadèr de Betlan. From the Bassa d'Oles the trail starts towards the Montcorbison peak (2173m), a spectacular viewpoint of the town of Vielha and a view of the Valley towards Baqueira.

track gpx

Track GPX

From the Bassa d'Oles car park, exit to the left of the Refugi dera Piusa. Yellow and white PR marks invite you to follow a forest trail with two short but steep climbs. The “Bòrda dera Vila” is left on the left, leaving the PR marks at the fork. Continue on the right hand side (there is a stone landmark) and follow the car ruts between grass meadows and a stone fence. You pass a renovated cabin, on the right, very well located, which is the point of reference for the return. Continue along the hills, reaching another cabin and a large watering hole, among grass meadows, with a beautiful panoramic view. To return, the path leads back to the previous cabin, leaving it on the right hand side. You cross the meadows until you recover, downhill, in front of a raft of water, other ruts that will become more evident. You pass next to new cabins, until you enter the red pine forest where the track is defined, giving the lake a slight detour to the starting point.


Technical data

Difficulty: easy

Type: Hiking

Length: 2.3 km

Time: 50 ′

Difference in altitude : 75m


Technical data

Difficulty: medium

Type: Hiking

Length: 6 km

Time: 4h

Difference in altitude: 600m

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