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Tuc Deth Maubèrme- 2,880m

by the Lake of Restanca


The Montardo is probably the best known mountain in the Val d'Aran. Its 2,833 meters represent a perfect viewpoint of the entire region and from there you can see many other mountains and lakes in the area.

To access the starting point of the ascent, we have to head towards the town of Arties. Once inside the town we head towards Valarties and go up the forest track (currently paved) to the parking lot where we will have to leave the car to start the route. We follow the forest track to the "Pont deth Ressec", there we will find the sign that indicates the ascent to Montardo. The first stop to make is at the restanca dam, we will find a refuge open to the public. We follow the route (marked) bordering the refuge to the top of the mount, during the tour we will observe two more lakes, where we recommend stopping for lunch after the top.

track gpx

Track GPX


Difficulty: Difficult

Type: Hiking

Length: 12 km

Time: 5h

Slope: 1,148 m

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