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Tuc Deth Maubèrme- 2,880m

Lake Montoliu - Mines of Urets


Ascension along the Unhòla river with its beautiful red color due to the fact that the area has mineral resources and the old mining area. Access to the peak is through Lake Montoliu and at its top you can enjoy the fantastic views of the Liat lakes and France. During the descent, we turn off along the path that leaves Montoliu Lake on our right to enjoy the area of the port d'Urets, border with France, where we can pass through the tunnels and tracks of the wagons of the remains of the Mines d 'Urets. It is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful landscapes to be found in El Valle de Aran, where the contrast of colors makes the Maubèrme route a magical place for anyone who decides to visit it.

track gpx

Track GPX

Tuc Deth Maubèrme - Lake Montoliu - Mines de Urets

Difficulty: Difficult

Type: Hiking

Length: 14 km

Temps: 4-5h

Slope: 900m

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